Rating System

When you browse Laptops At Game, you’ll notice that every product has a rating. Given by our editorial team, these ratings are between five stars. This isn’t an arbitrary rating system. In fact, we consider a number of different aspects about each product when determining a rating. These factors include quality, competitive features, aesthetics, price, and more. This is a detailed breakdown of how we define different rating levels.

  • Products with ratings from 4.5 to 5 are considered excellent.
  • Products with ratings from 4 to 4.4 are considered very good.
  • Products with ratings from 3 to 3.9 are considered good with minor quality issues.
  • Products with ratings below 3 are not recommended.

Typically, we feature only products that we would rate with at least 4.8 stars and consider excellent in every way. However, we regularly adjust ratings based on user feedback and product reviews. We update ratings to better inform our readers. Our goal is to be a trusted source of information, and we want to protect you from products and brands with major issues.After receiving negative feedback from users about a product, the Laptops At Game team will take another look at it and ensure the review’s credibility. If the negative feedback is legitimate, we will lower the product rating to align with current customer experiences.If you come across a product that has a rating below three stars, it’s one that Laptops At Game does not recommend. This is why, if you see a product with a rating so low, you’ll also see an explanation for this rating. There, we’ll explain the issues we’ve found with the product or brand. Here at Laptops At Game, we take feedback seriously. If you come across a product with a rating you feel is undeserved, please report the product immediately. This alerts us to the issue. When we see that a company is not delivering what it promised, we will adjust our rating. It’s important to us that our ratings reflect real experiences with brands and products.